Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2019 in Riga, Latvia

Social entrepreneurship is high in Flipful agenda, therefore we took part in this year’s Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Riga, Latvia.

On May 24th almost 200 participants gathered to the 10th Social Entrepreneurship Forum in Riga, Latvia. Can social entrepreneurship be a successful business? This was the main question of this year’s forum. The answers were sought during the lectures, workshops, and competitions throughout the day.

We had the following privilege to gain:

  • Inspiration and ideas for starting or improving your own social entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge and skills for creating a successful social entrepreneurship model
  • New contacts and partnerships between social and traditional entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity to discuss your own social entrepreneurship idea and hear expert opinions on that
  • New ideas for social responsibility projects of traditional businesses.

We were happy to see so many companies joining the forum and looking into the same direction, which means that the social responsibility is truly important for entrepreneurship.

Such forums really can make a difference as all of the speakers brought something new to the audience with their stories – participants had the chance to hear about different social businesses, their operational modules and discuss possible co-operations.

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