Everybody benefits

Great for employees

Most employees do not need a loan to cover unexpected expenses. They just need small amount before their paycheck so they can cover car repair expenses, pay their bills on time, so avoiding late fees and minimizing unhealthy financial stress. Partnering with employers we give employees an opportunity to live a better life.

Great for employers

Take care about your employees and they will pay you back by staying loyal to your company and being more productive. Our professional team will work closely with you to integrate our solution seamlessly into your existing payroll processes without need for changes. Partnering with us will help you reduce employee turnover, improve productivity and become more attractive employer.

Benefit calculator 🧮

Calculate ROI for your company & save up to 8% of your annual turnover costs

Companies using flexible salary payout report a significant increase in employee productivity and retention, promising fast payback of the investment

Total turnover costs saved: 46,080.00

*Calculation is based on assumptions of average cost to replace one employee (recruitment, HR costs)

Security 🔒

Your safety is our top priority

We take information security and the protection of our customers’ data seriously. We safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data by careful processing practices

1. You control who sees what

No one has access to your company’s data unless you invite them into your account. You control what users can see and do using our system.

2. We process your data securely

We keep your information private, and only use it for agreed purposes. We also supervise user rights in a controlled manner, ensure the competence of personnel who process personal data and choose our subcontractors carefully. We are continuously updating our in-house practices and guidelines.

3. We use Bank-Level Encryption

Data is encrypted using industry-standard data encryption, multiple layers of firewalls are in place. Data is stored in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in European Union and is controlled and monitored 24/7, and we perform regular data backups.

We use Bank-Level Encryption, our system protects your data using 256-bit encryption. Even with just 128-bit encryption, it would take the world population 77,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to crack the encryption key by testing every possible combination.