Flipful is selected for Startup Wise Guys B2B SaaS Batch 16

Startup Wise Guys accelerator is Europe’s most experienced B2B startup accelerator providing a no BS, hands-on 3 month intense mentoring program with focus on idea shaping and validation, business development, sales and fundraising, topped up with a Tech Week for CTOs and developers, as well as exposure to investors during regional Tech events and special match-making opportunities.

Flipful has been selected amoung 11 international teams from all over the world to receive investment and take part in a 3 month long acceleration program in Tallinn, Estonia.

For the SaaS Batch 16 startups the communication with customers, data oriented business development and operations management for business growth are at the center of attention, as well us employee and client satisfaction. Founders from Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland and even Australia and Iran will be working closely together over these three months and pushing their startups forward for the next big milestones.

Batch 16 is managed by Managing Director Alexandra Balkova from Ukraine and Program Manager Darja Ogorodnik from Estonia, they both are deep diving into these roles for the third time since they joined Startup Wise Guys, and they will work closely with Startup Wise Guys Global CEO Cristobal Alonso as the strategic driver.

More information available: https://startupwiseguys.com/meet-the-next-12-startup-superstars-from-our-b2b-saas-batch-16/

Flipful is now a YCombinator Startup School Graduate 🎓

Y-Combinator is a Silicon Valley accelerator, having spawned highly successful companies including Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe, located in Mountain View, California. Its Startup School is an online program teaching teams around the world the most important entrepreneurial cornerstones.

Y Combinator had accepted several startups into its Startup School 2019 batch program recently and Flipful was one in all them.

The course included three lessons each week, but also an “office hour” every Thursday, which gave us the chance to meet like-minded early-stage entrepreneurs and discuss each company’s latest developments. During these ten weeks, we had the great opportunity to participate and learn from the best of the best of California’s startup landscape.

The fascinating talks ranged from topics on product building, finding product market fit, managing user growth, measuring performance, design, sales, building an engineering team to fundraising.

For our team the created value has been immense. Not only did we strengthen our practical knowledge on top of our theoretical fundamentals, but we also grew our corporate network further beyond the Baltic borders.

Startup School was an invaluable edge for our team, and we thank YCombinator for creating this opportunity.

Graduation notice (available here)