Simple way how to make any day a payday

Our solution allows employees to choose when to receive their earned salary, so reducing stress related to waiting for a salary and improving financial wellbeing.

We are a team of finance professionals who share a common vision to help people to improve their financial wellbeing by reducing need of borrowing and increasing savings.

How it works

Flipful is a modern app which allows your employees to access their earned salary without making changes to existing payroll processes


Earn salary by working for a company that partners with us


View in our app how much is earned and accessible


Choose how much you need and receive it right now

Everybody benefits

Make your employees happy and such employees stay loyal

Great for employees

Most employees do not need a loan to cover unexpected expenses. They just need small amount before their paycheck so they can cover car repair expenses, pay their bills on time, so avoiding late fees and minimizing unhealthy financial stress. Partnering with employers we give employees an opportunity to live a better life.

Great for employers

Take care about your employees and they will pay you back by staying loyal to your company and being more productive. Our professional team will work closely with you to integrate our solution seamlessly into your existing payroll processes without need for changes. Partnering with us will help you reduce employee turnover, improve productivity and become more attractive employer.

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